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Our Summer Exchange!

Our Summer Exchange will take place from May through July!


- This is an anonymous fic exchange, so comments are screened to help keep anonymity that way.
- Fics should be a minimum of 1,500 words; there is no maximum limit.
- For this exchange it will only be gen or femslash. Sorry to those who enjoy het, but I want to try this option out for this exchange to see how it will go.
- All fics should be beta-read and include all HTML coding(such as italics, bold, etc., though I ask that you do not include any special formatting that will set your fic apart and reveal your identity).
- Please follow what your recipients requests and do NOT include anything that they would not like to read.
- Do NOT go around talking about who your recipient is(i.e. revealing their identity to friends) and do NOT reveal yourself to your recipient.
- Remeber this is an exchange! If you sign-up to recieve fic, then you must write one in return.
- If you feel you that you might need to drop out, please contact me(the mod) as soon as possible. So, a pinch hitter can be assigned and have time to write.
- If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please ask me by PM or email(

Sign-ups - Apr. 29 - May 9
Assignments Sent Out - May 11-13
Check-In - June 10
Final Fic Due - July 7
Posting - July 14
Reveals -

Sing-up Form:(separate post will be put up when sign ups open on the 29th)


What you want to receive
I would prefer: gen/slash/both

What would you like to see in your fic? (Situations/kinks/genres):
What would you NOT LIKE to see in your fic (Situations/kinks/genres):
Rating preference:

What You'll Be Writing
Pairing(s) you CAN write:
Pairing(s) you CANNOT write:
Rating preference:
Are you willing to pinch-hit?
Are you willing to be a beta?
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